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Partner & Media Info

This is your opportunity to partner with someone
who brings so much to the table to drive & inspire your
customers to grow your company & brand...

Ticketed Speaking Events, Team-Building Workshops,
Media Tours, Product Pitch-man, Video Sponsorships,
Custom Content Generation - all with a dash of humor
and personal motto of “Yes”... Innovation drives Success 


What can Adam Brest
do for you & your Business?

From delivering an energetic & witty Keynote Presenation for your conference, to leading a custom Team-Workshop at your next corporate event, Adam will keep your audience entertained and have them energized about the future.
Keep them Coming Back Again & Again...

From product placement or sponsorship of custom webinars to active product/service endorsements, Adam can drive your message effectively for your audience.
Capturing your Opportunities...

From producing a unique & fun social media video to engage your customers to speaking on your behalf as the quintessential Brand Ambassador you've been searching for... Adam will expand your reach with a fresh message and inspire action.
Make a Lasting Impression... 

Upbeat & Fun... Unique & Fresh... Witty & Insighful...
"Sliced Bread Video Blog" to Entertain & Inspire...