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Brand New from
Adam Brest

A fun, upbeat, humorous, &
inspirational take on capturing hidden
opportunities every single day..

45 Mins of fun & insight
$25 per person w/ a portion of
proceeds going to your organization

What would happen if you could recognize & capture all the hidden opportunities you encounter every day? What if I told you that every single day, there are little hidden moments that could help you achieve your goals? What if I told you that you could inspire someone & you could inspire yourself every single day? Would you believe me? You can... You will... You might be amazed at the Power of Hidden Opportunity that surrounds you every day... Come share a laugh with me & let's discover them together... You never know what you could achieve...

This Fun & Upbeat program will leave you laughing & inspired... Adam Brest, author of "Who Made These Stupid Rules?", will open your mind to the magical moments we all pass in our daily lives with a mix of personal stories & food for thought... Come to laugh, Come to learn, & Come to be Inspired to start capturing YOUR hidden opportunities!!

This tour is unique.. Learning how to uncover hidden opportunities for yourself & inspiring those around you. I hope you'll join us & help make this tour a huge success.. An evening of Fun, Laughter, Inspiration & help a great charitable cause at the same time...  

The Power of Hidden Opportunity - Takeaways

  • A spark of Inspiration can change Perspective
  • Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
  • The Magic of Possibilities
  • Seeing the Full Picture on the Puzzle Box
  • How to make 2 Minutes last for 2 Days
  • Free Downloadable "Opportunity Map"
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